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  • Explore Flight = Aeronautics
  • Explore Earth = Atmospheric Science
  • Explore Moon to Mars = Space Technology
  • Transformation = Cultural Change and Revitalization
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exploreClick on the map’s glowing dots to learn more about locations at NASA’s Langley Research Center, a facility where innovative solutions are invented and improved for the good of humankind.
LaRC Map
Manufacturing and Assembly In Space with Robotics
National Transonic Facility
Integrated Engineering Services Building
Structures and Materials Testing
14-by 22-Foot Subsonic Tunnel
Variable Density Tunnel Display
Landing and Impact Research Facility
Atmospheric Sciences
Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate
Acoustics Research Lab
Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility
Vacuum Spheres at the Hypersonic Facilities Complex
Langley Headquarters Administration Building
Advanced Manufacturing
Measurement Systems Laboratory
Simulating Flight
Welcome to Langley
Flight Research Hangar
Future Site of Flight Dynamics Research Facility
Advanced Air Mobility Test Range