Parking Information

NASA Langley Research Center will be open to the public on Saturday, October 21st. This Open House event is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase the innovative work that takes place at NASA. During the Open House, guests will visit incredible state of the art facilities designed to get us to the moon and beyond, discover the future of flight with our aviation experts, and hear about what NASA is doing to understand more about our planet in the face of climate change.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to review our entry and security process and list of prohibited items ( prior to boarding the bus. If you arrive with prohibited items, you will be required to return to your vehicle or dispose of the item. We will not hold any items for the day.


  1. Buses will begin loading guests and departing from the satellite locations at 8:30am. The event gates will open at 9am
  2. The event ends at 4pm and shuttle buses will stop running at 5:30pm. Please be sure to allow enough time to return to your vehicle.
  3. No unauthorized vehicles will be allowed in the entrance areas of the Open House. If guests would like to ride share to the event, they should do so to one of our satellite parking locations and then ride the shuttle bus to the event.
  4. Only clear backpacks, clear purses, or diaper bags will be authorized. Please review our security page for additional information and prohibited items on center.

Limited Parking


Due to "LIMITED PARKING," we encourage to carpool if possible.

Parking Options

Parking options below were made available by our community partners. Please remember to be good guests on their properties.

The following non-exclusive list are prohibited on their properties: possession of illegal substances; cooking or serving food; possession of animals, except when required to assist disabled persons; possession of any weapon or facsimile, fireworks, or other flammable materials; disruptive, destructive or dangerous behavior; possession or consumption of alcohol in public areas, or possession or consumption of alcohol by persons under the age of twenty-one.

We appreciate your support and hope you have a great visit with us at NASA Langley Research Center for our Open House.

Below are available parking options for you to park:

  1. National Institute of Aerospace (600 spaces)
  2. Virginia Peninsula Community College (VPCC) (900 spaces)
  3. Ferguson HQ – Jefferson Avenue (900 spaces)
  4. Newport News City Center Parking Garages (2000 spaces)
  5. Handicap 1 – NASA Langley Badge and Pass Office (40 spaces)
  6. Handicap 2 – Watson’s Petroleum (40 spaces)

The RED X on each picture marks the pickup location for each stop, where shuttles will be continuously running to and from NASA Langley Research Center.

National Institute of Aerospace

Address: Exploration Way, Hampton, VA 23666
Spaces: 600
Shuttle Time: 5 minutes

Virginia Peninsula Community College

Address: Virginia Peninsula CC HRT Bus Stop
Spots: 900
Shuttle Time: 8 minutes
Note: Open House bus stop is located at the HRT bus stop.

Ferguson HQ – Jefferson Avenue

Address: 12490 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23602
Spaces: 900
Shuttle Time: 14 minutes

Newport News City Center

Bus Pickup for ALL THREE GARAGE PARKING is located outside the Pearl Way Garage at crossroads of Pearl Way and Town Center Drive

Address: 701 Town Center Dr, Newport News, VA 23606
Three locations: See Map

  1. Pearl Way Garage, 11829 Canon Boulevard
  2. Merchant’s Walk Garage, 11860 Merchant's Walk
  3. Fountain Way Garage, 11805 Fountain Way
Spots: 2000
Shuttle Time: 13 minutes

Do you need handicap parking?

  • Handicap parking will be available at the NASA Langley Badge and Pass Office outside of the Main Gate as well as at the Watson Petroleum building on Nasa Drive.
  • Handicap parking will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • All vehicles parked in the designated handicap section will require either a valid handicap identifying license plate or a valid handicap placard displayed from the rearview mirror.
  • Vehicles parked in the designated handicap area not displaying one of the two approved identifiers will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Shuttle buses are handicap accessible if handicap guests wish to avoid the front gate traffic and ride the shuttle bus in.

Handicap Parking 1 – NASA Langley Badge and Pass Office

Address: 1 NASA Drive, Hampton, VA 23666
Spaces: 40

Handicap Parking 2 (Overflow) – Watson’s Petroleum>

Address: Nasa Dr, Hampton, VA 23666
Spaces: 50