Items Prohibited on NASA Facilities

This list of prohibited items, per NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR) 1620.3B, represents the baseline of items prohibited inside NASA facilities/installations beyond secured entry points and does not cover every item that may be prohibited.

The list of prohibited includes, but is not limited to:

    • Firearms or similar device that expels a projectile through the action of an explosive
    • BB or pellet guns
    • Compressed air guns
    • Antique firearms
    • Flare guns
    • Realistic replica or toy firearms
    • Spear guns
    • Starter pistols
    • Stun guns, cattle prods, dart-firing stun guns, and other electric weapons or controlled devices
    • Ammunition, shotgun shells or firearm cartridges, black powder, smokeless propellant powder
    • Slingshots
    • Axes and hatchets
    • Bows and arrows
    • Ice axes/ice picks
    • Throwing stars (martial arts)
    • Knives, sabers, swords, daggers, and other bladed devices with a blade of more than 2 ½ inches
    • Razor-type blades; such as box cutters, utility knives, and razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors
    • Billy club
    • Blackjacks
    • Brass knuckles
    • Chains in excess of 12 inches (Jewelry exceptions can be made)
    • Night sticks
    • Martial arts weapons, including nunchucks and kubatons
    • Blasting caps or detonators
    • Dynamite, nitroglycerin, trinitrotoluene, ammonium nitrate, and others
    • Fireworks
    • Gunpowder
    • Hand grenades, mine, bomb, rocket, missile, pipe bomb, or plastic explosives
    • Realistic replicas of explosives or similar devices
    • Explosive or expanding gases
    • Gas torches
    • Flammable Liquids (i.e., gasoline, turpentine, and paint thinner)
    • Mace, pepper spray, tear gas, tear gas gun, or other chemical spray designed for self-defense
    • Spillable batteries, except those in wheelchairs or similar devices used by a mobility impaired individual
    • Spray paint
    • Poisonous gases
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Visitors may not bring these additional items onto NASA Langley Research Center: Glass containers, alcohol, cannabis or illegal drugs, pets (except certified service animals), banners or signs, flags, boom boxes, air horns, musical instruments, and professional camera equipment with detachable telephoto lenses. Use of laser pointers or whistles is not allowed. Only clear backpacks, clear purses, or diaper bags will be authorized. Drones are not allowed to fly over NASA LaRC under any circumstances. Skates, skateboards, scooters, Segways, and bicycles are not permitted inside the event.