Welcome Information

NASA's Langley Research Center will be open to the public on Saturday, October 21st. This Open House event is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase the innovative work that takes place at NASA. During the Open House, guests will visit incredible state of the art facilities designed to get us to the moon and beyond, discover the future of flight with our aviation experts, and hear about what NASA is doing to understand more about our planet in the face of climate change.

In order for your visit at the Center to be an enjoyable and a safe one, please follow our guidelines on Security, Parking, Notices, and a list of Prohibited Items before coming to the center. Also, do not forget to download the Open House Map before visiting our tour stops with the list of program schedules.


  1. Buses will begin loading guests and departing from the satellite locations at 8:30am. The event gates will open at 9am
  2. The event ends at 4pm and shuttle buses will stop running at 5:30pm. Please be sure to allow enough time to return to your vehicle.
  3. No unauthorized vehicles will be allowed in the entrance areas of the Open House. If guests would like to ride share to the event, they should do so to one of our satellite parking locations and then ride the shuttle bus to the event.
  4. Only clear backpacks, clear purses, or diaper bags will be authorized. Please review our security page for additional information and prohibited items on center.

For questions, please visit our FAQs page or contact us directly.